Music Eternal Updates For 2019

2018 is now over and we are into a new year. Music Eternal has many things planned, including some changes to the site. This post is to cover all the things we have slated for the next few months to kick off 2019.

Music Eternal has a couple select projects in the works that will be pushing us into the state we have been wanting for the past few years. When these go into play we will be working on a new version of the site that will be much more than what is already here. It has been projected that these changes will be expanding our marketing platform to over 50 social medias, an interface for members to add their own material to the site, and more sections than what is already here. We will go into more details with this when we near that point, the overall process will take roughly 6 to 9 months for the rebuild. During that time this site will still be up as we are building the new one.

Electronic Daily News will be coming back when the new site is built. However, EDN will be something different than what it was and will be something that every fan of our members will want to be involved in. More on this will be explained when it is officially launched as part of Music Eternal.

In February 2019, Quote Of The Day will be retired. It its place we will be adding something new. Draven Taylor has had a number of requests for his poetry to be presented. Some musicians have been using his poems as inspiration due to his lyrical format with his poems. At their request we have had approval to add his poems to the site as a new section. We are uncertain if this will be a part of Music Eternal for good or only until the rebuild of our site. If it is not included we have ensured that the new site that Draven will have for the poems will be linked to Music Eternal so that these will be available to those that have interest in them.

Music Videos
We will be launching our Musical Video creation and presentations through Twitch and YouTube in February. These will be every Friday and will be done with two specific conditions.
1) These will be only members of Music Eternal. If a musician wants to have us do this for their music they will have to join Music Eternal. Considering that we are a free service for them this is a no brainer for musicians that want videos of their music.
2) Music Eternal will NOT be monetizing the videos. These will be put up on our part solely are a promotional tool to help the musicians. We expect that if they are monetized that it will be done by the band, label, and/or digital distributor tied to the band.

As we have faced a massive request by various musicians to join the Music Eternal family we are going to be doing a few changes. The first is that we will be not adding videos to the profiles for the first half of 2019. This is to help ensure that we can get the most msuicians added in the shortest time frame. We will also be pushing out material at an accelerated rate. Although we must note that those that send the information directly to us will get highest priority.

Additional Info
We will be doing some additional changes in the course of 2019. This will be a big year for Music Eternal as we are pushing through the first phase of the business and will be expanding. With that in mind, there are additional changes that are not listed here that will be going into place as well. Keep checking on Music Eternal and we will let you know as they become available.

Happy New Year

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