Killing Eve by Killing Eve

When two great minds come together you are bound to get something special. This is exactly the case with Killing Eve as it brings together Andy Cousin (from All About Eve, The Mission, The Lucy Nation) and Anne Marie Hurst (from Ghost Dance, Skeletal Family). This merging of the minds led to a new direction that these two gifted musicians have envisioned together.

The video above is of the song Killing Eve by Killing Eve. This is a great video in showing you one facet of what Killing Eve offers in their music. What makes this band even better is that this video is only one presentation of the many directions in Rock music this duo is taking together.

The many styles of music that are within Killing Eve can be experienced in their many songs. This is a band that has the world to offer to so many that are willing to take the time to hear what they have already made in their impressive music. It is the beginning to what they have to share, but is far from the end.

Killing Eve @ The Haunt

Killing Eve @ Night People

Killing Eve @ The Slade Rooms