Hellfire by Kirlian Camera

From the deceptive appearance of a supposedly well-known celestial body on "Hologram Moon" to the release of "Hellfire", it seems only a small step. But this connection between the last successful studio album by Kirlian Camera and their upcoming album "Cold Pills" has undergone many changes: Originally conceived as a second single by "Hologram Moon" and as a follower of the club anthem "Sky Collapse" from the year 2017 (with the congenial vocal duo with covenant Eskil Simonsson), "Hellfire" has gone through many forms as a publication. First it was planned as Limited Edition Single, then as a regular remix EP of the last album (Metaluna, Polar IHS), but then came ... "Hellfire".

This cover version of one of the songs of the fantasy TV TV series "Lucifer" not only shows that Kirlian Camera are enthusiastic viewers of many current fantasy and science fiction series, but also shows them at the height of their creativity and their artistic ability to excellent arrangement. We know it sounds rather doubtful when the record label claims that in press info, but "Hellfire" is definitely one of Kirlian Camera's strongest songs of decades of searching, gloom and electronic pathos melding with erotic electronic pop structures. The grandeur of this track lets the hair on our arms stand upright again - every time!

"Hellfire, Hellfire, - take my soul."

- Out Of Line Records

The tracks in Hellfire are:
01 Hellfire
02 Silicon Singers
03 Metaluna (Milano Mix)
04 V2K
05 Polar-IHS (remix by Blank)
06 E-North
07 Hellfire (Kromart Television Apocalypse)
08 Splashdown in another dimension

Hellfire is currently available for only, €11,99 (roughly $13.48 USD). Please note that this doesn't include the cost of shipping. If you would like to get you copy of this amazing EP by Kirlian Camera please click here to be taken to the web page to make your purchase through the Out Of Line Shop.

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