Hack This Suck That by KhrysT Lords & REN

KhrysT Lords joins forces once more with REN (known collectively as AD VITAM) and release another playlist of a mixture of Techno themed Electronic Music. This new set is titled Hack This Suck That and is 100 minutes in a playlist that everyone who loves all the many flavors of Techno music will like.

Hack This Suck That is the May 2019 release that brings over 100 minutes of Techno, Acid, Retro Techno, and more for you to experience in the Mixcloud player above.

Walk My Night by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

House Of House by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

Rub On Ya Techno Tities by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.