Geisterfahrer: Oberon Skyfire VS KhrysT Lords

Collaboration between DJ Oberon Skyfire (Luanda Angola) and DJ KhrysT Lords (UK/Portugal) for London Goth Artists, United. Radio Online Streams and other streaming services.

1st Part Dj Oberon Skyfire
Plage Called Humanit - Alive.exe (Vokoj Remix)
Nitronoise - Build for War (Club Mix)
Kriminal Minds - Sex and Misery
Sirus - Antibody (Feat. Dead Unit)
Vein Cramp - Bone Cleaner

2nd Part DJ KhrysT Lords
The Horrorist - Can you Ear the Sound
Oomph - Der Neue Gott
Radical & The Horrorist - Here comes he Storm
Thomas P. Heackmann - Violent Stains (Al Ferox Remix)
Inhalt - Der Nacht Dosis
Dax J - Midnight Vigil
Dax J - Opressor
The Horrorist - Here comes the Whip

Walk My Night by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

House Of House by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.

Rub On Ya Techno Tities by KhrysT Lords & R.E.N.