With DSBP, Every Day Is Halloween!

Many special deals come and go with the passing of each holiday. DSBP Records is not one of these to offer such deals. Their Halloween deal continues for all of November 2018. This is a deal that is a special 2 CD deal for those that love compilations and Wolfchild.

For only $25.00 USD ($35.00 USD internationally) you get both Futronik Structures Volume 9 and Wolfchild's Fear No Evil. To top this off, each order made in this special sale will also see their name added to the Thanks List on the Futronik Structures release. No only do you get both amazing albums, but your name is immortalized on one of the albums.

If you want to make your order for both of these albums from DSBP Records, click on this link: www.DSBP.CX. You better hurry as this special offer only lasts until November 30th, 2018!

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