Thank You September Mourning

We would like to thank September Mourning for being our July 2018, Band Of The Month. They are a band of impressive talent in so many areas and it has been a huge joy to have them as our focus in July.

For those that love the amazing vocals and hard hitting chords from September Mourning, don't worry we will be keep you in the loop with the band. They have a tour that is still going on, meet and greets that are tied to their upcoming graphic novel, and so much more.

The amazing lady behind the band has a ton of things planned and we are happy to share it with the world. We hope that she never stops expressing all of her passion in the various artistic outlets. Like her fans, we love all that she creates for the world to behold.

Recording Of Empire by September Mourning

Recording Volume I & II by September Mourning

Vote For Emily Lazar Of September Mourning