Millions Of The Mouthless Dead by Attrition

We all love music from that we love. It is even more precious when it is given to us. Attrition is giving their album Millions Of The Mouthless Dead to the world for FREE!. This is only for the month of November 2018 and this album is one that is even more special when you know the story that motivated its creation.

" June 1917. Ypres. Flanders. Belgium. Private William Bowes of the West Yorks Regiment, British Expeditionary Force, was hit by a German shell while out working on trench defences. He suffered a severe stomach wound. Rescued by stretcher-bearers, his life was saved by Canadian army medics in a front line field hospital. He was repatriated to England where he stayed and recuperated for the remainder of the Great War...

William Bowes was my Grandfather

This album is inspired and dedicated to both him and the millions on all sides that experienced the living hell that was the Europe of 1914-18. "

- Martin Bowes. Coventry, England, 2015

Martin Bowes is the heart and soul of Attrition, and with the help of Anni Hogan 16 incredibly moving tracks were made. These songs comprise Millions Of The Mouthless Dead and is a tribute worthy of those that fought in the War To End All Wars. If you like what you hear in the Bandcamp player above, use it to get your FREE copy of this audio window of World War I and one of the truly gifted bands in the world.

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