Heærts Combine A Compilation With A Cause

“Heærts Combine” is a benefit release for the support of musician Claus Larsen ( Leæther Strip, Klutæ, Am Tierpark a.o.) and his husband Kurt Grünewald Hansen for covering medical and living expenses during the prolonged illness of Kurt. All profitsmade from sales of the digital download are paid directly to Claus Larsen.

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This compilation, Heærts Combine, is 25 tracks from Electronic and Industrial bands that are showing unwavering support to both Claus and Kurt. Claus has been one of the key foundation stones in Industrial music and his music has influenced countless fans and bands in the world. All of this would have been impossible without the support and love that Claus has been given by Kurt. This is one of the key ways that the whole world can give thanks to both of these amazing people for all the time, energy, and talent shared to the world through their decades of music.

Get your copy of Heærts Combine for only €10,00 (about $13.00 USD) and gain a collection of music that you will not find anywhere else. Just click on the buy button on the player below and you will have a rare compilation and will be showing support where it matters most, to an amazing artist and the one he loves.

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