seduced by a disease by for all the emptiness

February 14th, 2017 will have one extra reason for celebration with the release of mt ep, by for all the emptiness. Having this in mind, the band has created a video for the song, seduced by a disease, which can be viewed above. This song is a perfect representation of what is in store for the world in this latest EP.

The band, for all the emptiness, has always been represented by the skills that Jonathan Kaplan has had in composing the music and by his amazing vocals. It is this double duty that he has performed not as a labor, but as something that he loves to do. This is reflected in the emotions and the talent that shines in each of his songs. seduced by a disease is the next chapter in his remarkable skills and in the video gives a fitting representation of the song.

After seeing the video, if you are compelled to get this album the band has made it possible to pre-order it right now. This latest EP by for all the emptiness can be yours for only $10 CAD by Click here to go to the purchasing page. We will be presenting more on this latest EP as we approach February 14th, 2017.

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Seduced By A Disease by for all the emptiness