Out Now! Midnight (Deluxe Version) by Bobbi Style

Bobbi Style has always been known his talents in creating music and his gifted vocals. He has recently released the Deluxe Version of Midnight for those that love the 80's feel in music from one of the minds that truly knows how to present it to you.

Midnight (Deluxe Version) comes packed with 18 songs that have been created by Bobbi Style and remixed to gives a different light to the songs. Many of these have a Synthpop or a Synthrock feel that give a new feel to the music. For those that have loved a lighter feel in Electronic music with amazing vocals this will be an album you will not want to miss out on.

This album by Bobbi Style can be obtained through the Bandcamp player below. It is tied to his official profile on Bandcamp and presents a means of where you can get this album for your collection.

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