Limited Edition HMB Logo T-Shirt

WTII Records has alwasy strived to present rare items for the fans of the bands in their label's family. This item is in the form of a limited edition black t-shirt with the purple HMB logo on the front.

HMB is a music project of Daniel Myer and Victoria Lloyd that explores aspects of Electronic music. The music in their direction fuses aspects of EBM, Techno, and Trance into some very unique songs.

If you love what WTII Records presents, HMB, or just love good Electronic music, then this will be something you will want. You better act quick though as limited edition items like this t-shirt are in short supply. Click here to go to WTII Records official Bandcamp profile page to get yours today. The shirt usually ship out within 2 days are only $6.00 USD.

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