Volcano (Flare Winds) by Seraph and Triple Blvk Dvrkness

Seraph joins forces with Triple Blvk Dvrkness once more with this hard hitting version of Volcano. Volcano (Flare Winds) combines a blend of Experimental and Industrial music to give a powerful presentation that will assault your ears with sonic vibrations that are aggressive and appealing in their respective presentation.

There are a rare few artists that will sculpt their creative talents into a piece that reflects their love for what they do. This duo does this in a fashion that shows their talents and ability to work cohesively to make an alternate to Volcano that can be presented as one of the versions of the song or as its own original piece.

Take the time to listen on the player below and experience something that is powerfully original from some of the keen minds in the music world.

Burial by Seraph

This Reminds Me Of The Future (Expanded Consciousness Remix) by Triple Blvk Dvrkness

Volcano (Ley Lines) by Seraph & Triple Blvk Dvrkness