Updates And Holiday Aftermath

Music Eternal has been gaining the support and the involvement of a variety of individuals in the music world. It has truly evolved into a family that I am very deeply honored to see take shape. It is something that started as a dream and has become a special reality.

The inspiration was to have something out there that would be a free resource for the music world that they could have in their corner. It was meant to be a foundation for the artists and their fans that would extend to cover every area of the music world. It is this reality where I have to give thanks to each and every artist, DJ, venue, label, fan, and all others that have made this possible.

As with every project, there are road blocks that come along the way. For Music Eternal, we have had it in a variety of ways. The past two years have been educational, but each lesson has had a heavy price. Many of these have been the growing pains of expanding Music Eternal into what it was meant to be and others have been more on a personal level. On a very personal level, we had a number of challenges that came in the shape of a very close family member that was stricken with a massive stroke. I am happy to say that she is stable and has recovered as best as she has been able to, however, we had another blow to the family that was nearly as lethal as the stroke should have been. In this latest one, we were equally blessed in not losing the family member, but it was something that showed the reality in mortality.

The latest challenge came after some elective surgery by the family member that wanted to repair a defect they have been living with for many decades. It was something that I believe will enrich his life and will help him be happier with himself. This was something I am sure he wished he had done many years before, but sometimes things have to be done when the opportunity arises and not when you wish it to. It was after this surgery that he had indirect complications that led to what was first believed to be a seizure, but was later presented as a heart attack. After a number of surgical procedures, he is on the mend and is showing that he will be okay.

This was the latest chapter that led to a bit of a burn out with all that has happened the past two years and being at ground zero for most of it. As of this moment the fires are re-forged and things are back in motion. Some may ask why come back to something that caused a burnout and with all the chaos that has been happening…one of the losses of last year was also one that had a very powerful message. Just prior to Ric Laciak’s passing he had given unique insight on Music Eternal. He pointed out that this started as a project birthed by the ideals of two people and has evolved where its success will have a lasting impact on each person involved. He saw the potential in what this can do and that it is something free that will fight till the bitter end for each member of the music world that is a part of it. In honoring his words and paying homage to each person that has inspired me, this will continue regardless of what comes in the personal world or the music world. I believe that we all live with music in our hearts as it is one of the timeless empathic forms of art that will never die.

Keeping all that has been presented in mind, Music Eternal shall continue onward with some key parts being put into play for 2016.

1) Interviews – These were going to be done for December, but obviously this was put on hold as things were resolved with all the emergencies. These will now be done in January and will be ongoing each month.

2) Band Of The Month – We will be pushing stuff on Meter Bridge and TONTTU in addition to the regular Band Of The Month due to the chaos that has been going on. Band Of The Month will also be getting some additional perks as listed below.

3) Music Eternal Store (Part 1) – This will be something made via cafepress. This will only items made exclusively from Music Eternal without any ties to any of the Music Eternal members. Items from this will help pay for overhead with a percentage going to a “Slush Fund.”

4) Music Eternal Store (Part 2) – For any member of Music Eternal that is interested, we will be providing joint merchandising. This will be merchandising that we will sponsor and make for the respective member (doesn’t matter if you are a label, band, DJ, venue, etc.). For this merchandising, 50% of the net will be paid to the member. Part of the remaining amount will be applied to a “Slush Fund.”

5) Music Eternal Store (Part 3) – Band Of The Month will now have a new perk. Music Eternal will now be selling calendars with the prior year’s Band Of The Months being on the monthly covers for their respective month. At the end of 2016 we will be taking half of the money made and giving a portion to each band involved. The remaining half will also have a portion applied to a “Slush Fund.”

6) Promotional Videos – these will still be made for free, but will be started with a vengeance in 2016. These are using a hybrid program that has been made in house and will be loaded onto Youtube and other social mediums (including other video mediums). These will be tied to the member profile and multiple methods for people to buy the music legally.

7) New Radio Shows – We will be doing promotional radio shows in a non-traditional format. These will be pushed through multiple mediums and will be focused on getting the people to have the ability to purchase the music. These will be100% promotional with no funds being made through monetization.

You may have noticed the term “Slush Fund” being used above. This is a bulk fund that will be created in 2016 that merchandising and investors will be donating money to. This fund will be available as an emergency stash. If any member is in a dire situation they can contact us and we can see if a part of this slush fund will be used to help them. Most of the time this will be likely to happen, but will be decided by a 3rd party to ensure that there is no favoritism and that the respective request is dealt with in a case by case situation. The purpose of this is that there have been some members in the past few years that have been in some really bad situations. This would have been something that could have helped them from situations like continuing a tour after theft, getting home from a tour, and being able to get a little help in other areas. This isn’t a cure all, but will be something extra that will be on the table where we can offer help where there may be no other help available.

There is more in the works, but as time progresses we will disclose more. If all works out as we have envisioned, we will be starting phase 2 of Music Eternal this summer. Some pieces that we are working on to make this a reality are almost in place. These pieces will be partnerships with other entities that will open some new doors for Music Eternal so that we can in turn open new options for those in the Music Eternal family.

NOTE: If any band wishes to not be part of the Music Eternal calendar, please let us know. We will ensure that you are never on it in the years to come. Please note though that this will also prevent you from ever being Band Of The Month. It is meant as an additional monetary option we are providing for those involved that would normally not be there.

I also want to send a special thanks to Randon Purcell, Ray Lynch, Al Jourgensen (Ministry), the duo from Meter Bridge, TONTTU, Liz (Ric Laciak), Bruce Allen Oatway, Franz Schultz (Furniker), Torben Schmidt (Infacted Records), Robb Blak, Ken (Synthetik Visions Radio), and everyone else that has been there. This has been a trying time and I am honored that when the wind has left my sails, each of you were here for me and the Music Eternal family. If I missed anyone, please forgive the omission, it was not done in malice, but in ignorance due to the chaos which has begun to settle.

- Draven Taylor

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