Unhappy (Engelya’s Obsession) Video by Into The Mist

The Into The Mist presents the video to their song, Unhappy (Engelya’s Obsession). This is an extended video is an official visual presentation by the band.

If you like Gothic Rock music with a softer and more somber tone, then Unhappy (Engelya’s Obsession) will be a song that will definitely entice your interests. The song shows many of the aspects that Gothic Rock and Dark Wave have been seen as kindred spirits in their respective music. It also shows the depth of talent and vision that Into The Mist have in the music they compose for their fans.

Artistic expression is a rare gift that can get lost in the business aspects of music. It is inspiring to see a band such as Into The Mist strive to present music that is true to their passions. The video is a keen translation of the audio to a visual medium so that people can get a greater experience to their music. Unhappy (Engelya’s Obsession) is a great song and video for those that want something new yet keeping hold of the spirit that has kept Gothic Rock as a staple to many music lovers collections as a genre.

Into The Mist can be found on Mislealia Records . An Italian label dedicated to presenting to the world the best in Gothic music.

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