Reality by Neon Lines

Neon Lines is the fusion of five experienced French minds in the world of Synthpop. They have given us glimpses of their brilliance in the peeks they have presented in their debut album, Reality. The album has been finally released to the pleasure of all that have heard it and have experienced firsthand what it is that Neon Lines has to offer.

Reality shows the many facets of Synthpop and its hooks into both the Electronic and the Pop worlds. The amazing vocals and the melodies of Neon Lines truly shine in this album and show what great things that they have in store for the world. The 13 tracks show the first steps that Neon Lines has made in their progression in music and the sagely vision that these 5 have in where music should be. It is their dream formed into Reality that shows the depth of their love and their talent in music. It is these aspects that make this album so special and shows that Neon Lines truly is one of the greats in both Synthpop and the music world as a whole.

This first album by Neon Lines is available as individual tracks and as an album through Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can go to these by clicking on the names of the e-stores or by clicking on the Amazon ad below the video at the bottom of this article.

If you love music and adore Synthpop, then Reality will be one of the albums of 2016 that will be a must to obtain. It shows all that makes Synthpop a timeless genre and one that people will always love. It also shows a special direction in music that only Neon Lines can present. Their music is a fresh vision with the experience of gifts musicians that work in fluid harmony in each song that they create.

The 13 tracks listed on Reality are:
1. Interstellar
2. Do You Believe It
3. Surrender
4. Valentine's Tale
5. Reality
6. End Of The Reign
7. John Mac Arthy
8. Hello
9. Reborn
10. Voyager
11. Jenny Danced
12. Exercice In Free Love
13. Starlight (Bonus Track)

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