Part Time Lovers - The 2004 Remixes by Attrition

On January 14th, 2016, Attrition released their latest album, Part Time Loves – The 2004 Remixes. This 12 track release is done exclusively through Attrition’s Bandcamp profile that can be accessed through the player below.

This release by Attrition was originally planned as a release in 2004 as a special remix collection. These heralded lost remixes from the 2004, Dante’s Kitchen, never surfaced until now. These tracks have been lovingly mastered by Martin at The Cage Studios and are now available for all the music world to enjoy.

Timing will be the key for obtaining, Part Time Loves – The 2004 Remixes. Those that purchase this Attrition masterpiece in January 2016 and enter in the discount code “partimelovers” can receive 50% off the purchase price. That is one heck of a deal to get the latest release by one of the truly great artists in Dark Wave music!

The tracks on this album are:
1) In Tenebris - Dantes Kitchen (05:41)
2) Lukotyk - Head of Gabriel (06:59)
3) Haemogoblin - Head of Gabriel (05:57)
4) Pablo Sonic Terrorist - Dantes Kitchen (04:03)
5) Kinetic - Head of Gabriel (04:40)
6) Vorpal - The Head of Gabriel (05:22)
7) Mercy Cage - Head of Gabriel (05:18)
8) XP8 - Head of Gabriel (06:36)
9) Superchoir - Dante's Kitchen (05:40)
10) Galskap - Head of Gabriel (05:08)
11) Wry Yelp - Head of Gabriel (06:13)
12) Minefield - Dante's Kitchen (04:10)

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