Neon Lines Contest For A Free Copy Of Reality!

Neon Lines have a special contest that ends at the end of February 15th, 2016. All that you have to do is comment on a specific page on their label’s site and you are entered to be one of 10 winners for their album. If you want to increase your odds you can also link Neon Lines and their label’s Facebook pages and write a new comment with your Facebook name on it.

There are only 10 copies of the new album Reality by Neon Lines that will be given out by UltraViolet Records for those that try. So be sure to post on the page as time is quickly running out!

For those that are wonder who exactly Neon Lines are, they are a French band that shows in their music all the qualities that make Synthpop an amazing genre of music. Each of the members of Neon Lines has a wealth of experience in the music world and collectively they show a type of synergy that is impressive to behold. It shows in their music as it shows that they love working together in the music that comprises Reality.

If you would like to enter into this drawing, we have put the link to the page on UltraViolet Records’s site as well as the Facebook pages for the label and Neon Lines. This is one album that you will regret missing out on, and this is a rare opportunity to get Reality for free!

Reality Contest Page
Neon Lines Facebook Page
UltraViolet Records Facebook Page

Djinns (Electro Trap Video) by Neon Lines

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