Lost In Trancelation Update

Lost In Trancelation has been a monthly event in Orlando for the past six years. Robb Blak has something special planned for those coming on April 29th, 2016. Along with Suzy Solar, there will be special guest Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis has been one of the top UK producers of Trance music and has worked with many of the greats in this family of music. His presentation of this genre is powerful and unyielding in giving the fullest scope to the energetic charge of the rhythm of the music. For him, the music is a means of expression music through melody and it is this empathic approach that gives him something special to give to April’s Lost In Trancelation.

This monthly event has always been one where the best in Trance music is presented, but in a personal tone. This is a balancing act that Robb has preferred as it makes the wide scope of music more intimate to the patrons and one where he can share what he feels in the music to those listening. This combination with Suzy and Adam promises to make this one of the best Lost In Trancelation ever presented.

If you want to be present at this epic 6th anniversary of Lost in Trancelation, click here to go to the event fan page.

Afraid Of The Dark by Robb Blak

The Ritual 024

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