Live @ Asile 404 by Furniker

Furniker have released a live recording of their January 29th, 2016 performance at @ l'Asile 404, in Marseille, France. This is one of the special performances that you can now have the audio to for your own keeping.

As one of the Experimental music forces in the French music scene, Franz Schultz has always had a passion in creating new music for music fans worldwide. Furniker is his latest creation where he delves into aspects of music never fathomed to be explored. It is a creative journey that he shares in his music and each performance. It is this special aspect that makes his music groundbreaking and a marvel to behind in those that want to hear the raw imagination of one artist put into sound.

Listen to the audio player below and experience the world as only Furniker can present it. If you want to have a free copy of this performance for yourself just click here to go to where you can download it legally for free.

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Live @ Asile 404 by Furniker

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