Eisbär by Deathline International

COP International recently released the highly antisipated single, Eisbär, by Deathline International. This is the most recent release by Deathline Int'l that shatters their silence with 4 tracks of impressive music.

Eisbär is more than a release, it is also a revamping of two "cult" songs from the 80's. The first, Eisbär, was originally released by the Swiss band, Grauzone. This song never made it huge in a monetary standpoint in 1980, but it was one of the influencial songs to a number of key artists. Today the ripples of this song are still felt and Deathline International shows a more modern impression of this song. On the Eisbär single there is the original remake of this classic by Deathline Int'l and the BhamBhamHara Mix.

One tribute to an impressionable song is good, but two songs given homage is great. The second song on the Eisbär single to be given its proper respect is Soft Cell's New Wave hit, Tainted Love. Unlike other remakes, this version gives a unique approach that still keeps the tone and feel of the original. It is this combination that makes Deathline International's version of Tainted Love stand apart from the other remakes and gives a more modern and fitting tribute to one of the songs that truly defined 80's music. The remake also has one more perk and that would be the final track on the single which is a remix of the remake. Track four is the John Fryer Remix of Tainted Love that gives a more down beat and brooding approach that is the night to the remake's lighter and faster version. Both facets are superbly made and show the true potential of this epic New Wave track and where it can go in the hands of gifted visionaries of today in music.

All four tracks can be experienced on the player below and on the COP International Bandcamp profile page. Click here to go to where the single is available for purchase on the Bandcamp page for this release.

Some "purists" will say that nothing can compare to the originals, but these are never meant to replace the masterpeices of yesterday's music. They are tributes and give a glimpse in what these songs would sound like with today's standards and style. Both songs are fitting remakes that give tribute to the bands we loved in the 80's and give a modern vitality to those here in today's music world.

The 4 tracks on Eisbär are:
1. Eisbär [BhamBhamHara Mix]
2. Eisbär
3. Tainted Love
4. Tainted Love [John Fryer Remix]

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