Danarama Makes Holiday Turkeys Better

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, yet there are some of use are wishing it never came. The centerpiece for any Thanksgiving is the turkey. Some know how to cook these birds, others have never tried, and the special few that think they can do it. For the latter two that either made turkey jerkey or food poisoned Aunt Bertha there is a moment of redemption.

Danarama (also known as Dan von Hoyel) of HarmJoy, Kink University, and Behind Kink has made the video above to impart his wisdom upon those of use that are still on the Fire Department's public enemy list. In the video he shows the basics in how to make a turkey that your family will love and will not be spending the evening at the ER or bowing before the bathroom throne.

Dan is a gifted artist, but also one that is willing to take the time to share his sagely wisdom to those of us that don't want to kill off the family we have in the Holiday Season. Check out the video and see how he can help save the Christmas turkey and hopefully make December even better than Thanksgiving.

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