Changes To Tactical Beat

Draven Taylor has announced that his show format for Tactical Beat on WFKU will be changing. This new format will be the same genres, but will be catering to the members of Music Eternal and their music. This new approach will be a new campaign to help the musicians get better visibility and provide some new music that the listeners of WFKU will love.

This new change in format will take effect in August of 2016. This new layout will be the first of three changes that are coming in August to help gain the music of the Music Eternal family a wider scope of listeners. The intent in this is to help the established artists and the new artists gain visibilty. Music Eternal will be providing the full playlists to Tactical Beat and the other new shows that Draven Taylor has planned. We will also be providing methods for the listeners to legally obtain the music regardless if it is free or only for purchase. This way if you hear something you like, you can buy it immediately after the show.

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio