Arsonic by The Trash Gentlemen

On November 11th, 2016, The Trash Gentlemen will be releasing their latest album, Arsonic. This upcoming album will be the newest chapter in music presented by a band that is willing to push music into new areas in their quest for making music that is both good and true to them as artists.

The Trash Gentlemen have been one of the rising artists in the European Electronic music scene. Their unorthodox approach to music is part of a direction in music that has presented a new approach to music that shows unbridled creativity through melody. It is this standard that has made them one of the artists in the world that has presented an audio interpretation that few others will fathom. It is this distinct direction in music that has gained them a growing fan base in the many listeners that love Electronic music that is not restrained in the vision it presents.

If you have a Facebook account they have created an event page for the release of Arsonic. Click here and you will be directed to the event page on Facebook for this upcoming album by The Trash Gentlemen. They are a force in the music world that is gaining attention and this will be a release that will be worth it for those that love Electronic music and the creativity that harbors in it.

Out Now! Arsonic by The Trash Gentlemen

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