Alone Preview by Obsolete Memories

Obsolete Memories give the first official preview of the 8 new songs on their upcoming release, Alone. The songs bring new life to the Gothic Rock genre of music that only Obsolete Memories can present.

Despite the lack of a concrete release date to Alone, Obsolete Memories has stated that the album will be released in 2016. For those that love the darker side of music this will be one of the albums that will be a must for their collection.

For the fans of Obsolete Memories, we will strive to keep you in the loop with the release of Alone and any new developments of the work that Obsolete Memories is involved in. Check out the video above and get a feel of the eight new songs in this album that will soon be available to the music world.

Alone by Obsolete Memories

Alone by Obsolete Memories

Her Shadow by Obsolete Memories