Toxicanima1 Business Cards

Toxicanima1 has taken an old marketing tactic and made it into their own. These custom business cards show in a nutshell who the band is and gives a base feel as to what they are all about. This has been a useful tool for a century and Toxicanima1 have elevated it to new heights. It is true that labels and bands have taken this route, but not to the level presented here. The depth if graphics, context, and links gives the person with the card a very in depth view in what the band presents. It also gives the resources to track them and their music down.

This method if done right can still be very effective and can give a first impression that can last a lot longer than a web ad can. These can be presented to fans, people the band mates meet and get to know, and some locations will even let business cards be posted on spots in their stores. Never discount the old methods as they are still proven to work. Don't take our word for it, look at the dedication that Toxicanima1 has made in their cards. It shows they will do everything to let the world know about them and their music.

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