The Start Of Blutengel's German Omen Tour

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Tonight marks the start of the great German tour for "Omen" by Blutengel. Those that have purchased their tickets can look forward to an impressive and what is expected to be the most monumental series of shows ever presented by Chris Pohl, Ulrike Goldmann and the rest of their crew.

The concerts will be presenting all the new music from their latest album, Omen, and the band will also be playing many of their older songs that have helped them gain the impressive fan base they have. This dynamic will make it where the fans can hear the newest music and all the music they love in a format that Blutengel consider best. This aspect promises to make this a show that will show the new music in the perfect light and to make each concert a memorable experience for all those that attend.

If these Blutengel concerts are something you want to attend, then you need to hurry! Almost all of the concerts are sold out and the tickets (shown above) are selling fast. These concerts in the "Omen" tour are already being seen by many to be the highlight in Europe outside of the annual festivals.

Nothing But A Void by Blutengel & Massive Ego

Nothing But A Void by Blutengel And Massive Ego

Obscured by Blutengel + Hocico