Synthpop At Its Best In Slow Motion

Canadian Synthpop sensation, Meter Bridge, presented the music world with a new gem. Their latest album, Slow Motion, was officially released April 10th, 2015 to the joy of all their fans. The album presents all the talent and inspiration of this duo in its twelve tracks that can be purchased on their official Bandcamp page. Above you can listen to the album and also have a means of purchasing this new Synthpop release. They provide the option of purchasing the full album or the individual tracks. You can even get the limited edition version that comes in a physical form.

If you love the lighter feel of Synthpop and want to hear a band that has a unique take on this genre, then Meter Bridge's newest album is a must for you collection. Just listen to Slow Motion below and find out for yourself.

Thank You Meter Bridge

Thank You Meter Bridge!

Secret by Meter Bridge