Song Of The Week Reboot

Song Of The Week will be rebooting over Valentine's weekend. We will be releasing daily Song Of The Weeks for the whole weekend to celebrate the reboot!


Every Song Of The Week is traditionally released on the Monday and we are going to be keeping that tradition going. Unlike the past releases, this will only be members of Music Eternal that will have their songs reviewed. One of our ways of thanking the musical artists in being part of the Music Eternal Family!

The first 4 Song Of The Weeks (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) will be from Skinny Puppy, Level 2.0, Microwaved, and Toxicanima1. Since each of these have been Band Of The Month for the past 4 months, it will be our way of paying tribute to each band.

If you would like to have a particular song considered for Song Of The Week, the first step is obvious in that you need to join the site. Membership is 100% free and you can find out more about joining through our Join Page (click here). The next step is to either mail us a copy of the song you would like considered (to the e-mail on the Join page) or by posting it into the Music Eternal Members page on Facebook. Those that do this will have priority and will see their music on Song Of The Week!

Song Of The Week

Episode 4: Bad Seed

Yesterday (The Beatles Acoustic Cover) by Amandas Nadel