Preview Of Bobbi Style's Upcoming Album, Reflections

Bobbi Style presents us all with a special playlist composed of previews to his upcoming album, Reflections. The album has a release date of February 4th, 2016.

As a musician, Bobbi Style has been known in the New Wave, Synthpop, Industrial, and Gothic Rock circles of music for his powerful vocals and determination to never quit. It is this devotion to his dreams and his creativity that have made some truly impressive songs in the past. Reflections already shows a light in the mixes that it presents that Bobbi is far from done is his ambition to make music from the heart.

Reflections presents a number of mixes to songs that Bobbi has already released and mixes of music from other artists that he has reformed into his interpretations. The scope of songs will give everyone that loves his field of music a new collection of favorites. Each of the songs (presented below) gives a distinct facet of the original songs, but with a special twist that relfects the style, talent, and emotions that harbor within Bobbi. As the release date gets closer, we will keep everyone in the loop with more information on this impressive album.

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