Listen And Chat On Cyberage Radio!

If you love music and want a ton of it on air, tune into KUNM! For 5 hours Tommy Rapisardi will be spearheading a full array of music that you will not want to miss if you love Electronic music with an edge or the darker side of the dial.

The show will be starting up at 1am (US Mountain Standard Time) and will be going strong for each and every hour. Tommy also have a special treat for his listeners in a special spot on Facebook where they can join in on the party in the form of a Note Page (click here to go there). As the music is riveting your speakers with good music, he always has a bunch of people tuned in listening to his music and chatting with him. It is the best place to see what is being played and to be involved with the radio show like few places can ever offer.

Tommy T. Rapisardi DJing For The Right Reasons

Richard Patrick Moog Jam 3

Richard Patrick Moog Jam 2