Kirilian Camera In Lyon On October 30th

Kirlian Camera and Qual will be having a special performance in Lyon, France. This will be a special Dark Halloween where you can experience one of the truly great bands of Italy in a presentation what will help fill the atmosphere of All Hallowed Eve.

This one time performance will be one where they will be performing at Le Blogg. All the information can be found here on the time, location, and a Google map to help ensure you don't get lost.

Be sure to get your tickets soon, a band like Kirlian Camera performing on such a weekend is sure to sell out fast. That way you can ensure that you will be there to hear their passionate music and the stunning vocals of Elena Alice Fossi. Both are a combination that will haunt Lyon with their beauty and leave the city yearning for one more performance.

Base Box Boxset by Kirlian Camera

Hellfire by Kirlian Camera

Sky Collapse (Featuring Covenant) by Kirlian Camera