Interview With Draven Taylor on WFKU!

On May 13th, 2015, a meeting of the minds will finally take place. Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D., on WFKU, will finally have their interview with Draven Taylor. This has been an event that both have had to reschedule multiple times due to a variety of challenges. On this day, we have confirmed it will finally happen.

Draven will be giving a rare interview on Internet radio for your listening pleasures. He is one of the founders of Music Eternal, a DJ, and a music enthusiast that spends more time working in the back end of the music world than most work in a normal work week. This is a special opportunity to get a glimpse into his world through his words and thoughts brought to you only through WFKU! Tune in at! It can be heard at 2pm Eastern US Standard time!

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio