I II: Volume 3

This is the third of 4 volumes dedicated in the memory of the late and great Ric Laciak. He had an impact on the lives of many musicians and fans with his label, RAS DVA. The years that followed as he battled a long and grueling war with cancer he was still a profound inspiration on countless lives. His passing left a void in many lives and these volumes are a tribute by Digital Recovery and the musicians that loved the days in his life.

All sales will be donated to his foundation at the Northwestern Memorial Foundation. foundation.nmh.org/laciak. A Two Cents review of this volume will be released soon.

Ric Laciak
DJ, Promoter, Label Owner
1968 - 2014


Track Artist Song
1 Antivaxxer   LIVING IN SILENCE (Ghost Dial RemiXX)
2 Atropine   Alienated (Total Mix)
3 PYRROLINE   Divine_Revelation
5 DIVE   Power of Passion ( LIVE)
6 YOUTH A.D.   Oilblood (Featuring  Chris Shortt and Brett Crane)
7 Theologian   Redemption is an Impossibility
8 DPRM   Pillars of Dissonance
9 Object   Beyond Belief
10 Necrotek   Drugsick (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
11 Mlada Fronta   Cvb
12 Myrrh Ka Ba   Cyborg Justice
13 Inexora   37047734 (Gaping)
14 Social Shun   HAPPY CHAPPY
15 Noiz+Zilenth   Sectem Noir
17 Nahja Mora   All (Destroyed)
Part 14 by Digital Recovery

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