I II: Volume 2

This is the second of 4 volumes dedicated in the memory of the late and great Ric Laciak. He had an impact on the lives of many musicians and fans with his label, RAS DVA. The years that followed as he battled a long and grueling war with cancer he was still a profound inspiration on countless lives. His passing left a void in many lives and these volumes are a tribute by Digital Recovery and the musicians that loved the days in his life.

All sales will be donated to his foundation at the Northwestern Memorial Foundation. foundation.nmh.org/laciak. A Two Cents review of this volume will be released soon.

Ric Laciak
DJ, Promoter, Label Owner
1968 - 2014


Track Artist Song
1 Coldkill Torture
2 Ludovico Technique New Dawn Fades (Joy Division Cover)
3 Jeremiah Saint REMEMBER, Nothing To
4 LARVA Frio y oscuro amanecer
5 Decoded Feedback Strangeland
6 Rein[Forced] Malignancy M2
7 Machines on Blast My Friend Misery
8 Brain Over Dust O.S. (LIGHT THE WICK)
9 Dani'el SAFE
10 People Theatre and Zero 7 Echo One Drop
11 Spider Lilies Serene
12 Stoneburner Sisters of Isolation
13 Scream Machine In The Still of The Night [ROCK VERSION]
14 God[COMPLEX} In Parting
15 Para Normal Believer
16 Louis Guidone Bye Bye
Part 14 by Digital Recovery

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