Draven Taylor On Mystery Gothic Radio

On March 18th, 2015 at 2pm (US Eastern Standard Time), Draven will be on Mystery Gothic Radio 12 A.D. This will be a special interview of WFKU Radio! The Music Eternal Event Page can be found by clicking here and the link to the radio station is www.wfku.org.

To get an idea on Draven, here are some basic tidbits on the man behind the mic:

He has been DJing off and on for over two decades and consistently for the past decade. He also has DJ'd in all mediums there is to DJ (Internet radio, FM radio, festivals, dance clubs, raves, and other mediums). In Internet radio he has DJ'd on four continents and currently DJ's on radio stations in the US, Germany, and Spain.

On WFKU he has had the longest running radio show (Tactical Beat) that can be heard every Sunday evening (7pm till 10pm US Eastern Standard Time). This show has presented many formats and usually presents music that are not normally commonplace to find.

Draven is also one of the co-founders of Music Eternal and the core piece in many of the aspects involved with the site.

The show promises to be one that will be worth listening to, Draven is not normally one to do interviews. Traditionally he is the one doing the interviewing and for once the magnifying glass is turned in the other direction.

Draven Taylor On New Alternative Radio