Digital Recovery's Tribute To Ric Laciak

Digital Recovery has made it their mission to give to the world when there has been something grim happens. This has been a long standing goal of theirs where they unite the music world to a worthy cause and all the proceeds go to a charity related to the sad event that has stricken the world.

The latest project for Digital Recovery is to pay tribute to Ric Laciak, the heart and soul of the epic label RAS DVA. Regrettably, he passed away in 2014 from a long battle with cancer. This one man carved a huge path for many members of the music world to follow and used his label to work side by side with many of the legendary labels of the 1990's.

Digital Recovery is in the final stages of making a tribute in homage of the work that Ric did through his label and is releasing it with the label's fans, the bands associated with it, and those that are fighting cancer in mind. It is an album that has a collection of many of the music greats in the Electro-Industrial world that world with RAS DVA and those that knew Ric in its collection.

Those that want to give tribute to Ric and his label RAS DVA. All of his affairs and those of his label are being cared for by Ric's sister, Liz Laciak. Please contact Draven Taylor or Music Eternal directly (Please go to the Join Page for the Music Eternal e-mail) if you wish to contact Liz Laciak.

More information on this upcoming tribute will be provided as it becomes available.

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