A Schedule Change With The Fans In Mind

The One-Eyed Doll concert in Salt Lake City has been changed to a new venue. The concert will now be presented at the MusicGarage.Org. The event information can be found here.

There is nothing to fear for those that have already purchased tickets to this concert at the old venue. These tickets will also be honored at the new location.

The change in venues was due to complications that the prior venue had regarding this concert. One-Eyed Doll wanted to ensure that all ages could attend the concert and due to Utah law this was something the original venue could not honor. The law states that any venue with a bar in the building cannot allow individuals under the age of 18 in the building during hours of operation. MusicGarage.Org doesn't have alcohol for purchase at the location so the will be a concert for all ages that want to experience a concert with you, the fans in mind.

Message From Kimberly Freeman

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