$500 Donation In Ric's Memory

The foundation set up to fight cancer in Ric Laciak's name by Digital Recovery received a huge gift. This foundation is tied to the 4 volumes of compilations that were released earlier this year and people had the option of either buying the music or there is a link where they can give a donation in honor of the key cog behind RAS DVA Records. This donation was in the amount of $500 US dollars that was given directly to the foundation (as seen in the image above).

It still isn't too late to get the four volumes in tribute to Ric Laciak and his record label, simply click here to go to the Digital Recovery Bandcamp page. It is for a worthy cause and you get some great music from some of the best artists the music world has to offer.

Every cent given is a tribute to what Ric did in life and is a way of expressing to him and his family thanks for all that Ric have given to the world.

September 2017: Ric Laciak

In Tribute Of One Man And His Label

Special Presentation Of I II (All Volumes)