Weep Is The Melding Pot For Good Music

Weep is the creation of Doc Hammer (formerly of Mors Syphilitica and Requiem In White). Weep is the melding pot of elements found in Shoegazing, Post-Punk, Synthpop, Gothic Rock, and Ethereal Wave. This mixture had drawn compairisons to many Shoegazing Alternative Rock, and Post-Punk performers that have existed in the 80's and 90's. This throw back to those eras of music have given Weep a distinct feel that few bands can match. This atmosphere they create in their music with the direction of Doc Hammer has made Weep one of the bands that has drawn fans of all ages to their music and shows.

The contrast in Doc Hammer's vocals and the style in the instruments has been one of the many high points in the minds of both critics and fans. The band presents many dynamics that have made them an instant favorite to most that have had the opportunity to hear their music. We are pleased to present them as the latest member of the Music Eternal family.

The Hole by Weep

Resonation Radio #164

Resonation Radio #163