The Siren, Ocean, Joins Music Eternal

Ocean gives a powerful feel of Dark Cabaret and a mixture of Ethereal and Symphonic Metal vocals. These two elments combine into a fluid form of music that is almost haunting in its beauty. It is this dynamic that gives Ocean's music a unique presentation that will not be found anywhere else.

Each of the songs by Ocean gives an impressive reflection of the artist and the beauty that she expresses in her music. Much as a siren would call to the ship hands in a moonlit evening, drawing them to their eventual fate, Ocean opens this perspective to her listeners. We are grateful to have such a talented artist known to us and to have her as one of the latest members of the Music Eternal family!

Let's Face It (For Maui and Hector Dolphins) by Ocean

Shooting Laser Beams (Acoustic Mix) by The Secret Meeting

Jugendkultur (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) by THX 1971