Ric Laciak, A Man Forever Missed


Ric Laciak was the heart and soul of RAS DVA Records. He was also a highly respected radio DJ in Chicago during his tenure on the FM radio waves. Most of all, Ric was someone that was a special friend, mentor, support, guide, and foundation to his friends, fans, family, and the rest of the music community. Even in his final days, he was being someone that many adored and cherished for the kind words and unconditional support he gave.

The somber end came to Ric after a long fought battle with multiple brain tumors that inflicted him with constant pain. Pain killers had little if any effect and he had reached a point in the medical world where they had little more to offer him. Despite his pain that many times denied him sleep and resulted in him spending time in the ER, he never let it get the best of him. Many times he would be in a chasm of torment from the cancer and would be extending his kind words to others and was an inspiration to more people than Ric would ever realize. It is this unconditional devotion to those he cared about that has made many remember him with tears in their eyes and warmth in their hearts.

After many years, Ric has left this life where he has touched so many, but his legacy will forever live on. The RAS DVA profile on Music Eternal will forever remain as a tribute to him and we will be working with those that he has handed the reins over to. He never wanted to see his dreams music die and we will do all we can to ensure they live forever. In the next few weeks we will also be putting up a profile for Ric in the DJ section. Ric had given his blessing on this and we wish to honor him for the great person and member of the music family he was.

The next page has some interviews he had done when he was DJing in the 1990's. Here are some links of importance to those that wish to either pay respects to Ric or want to learn more about him:

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