New Alternative Radio, More Than A Radio Station

New Alternative Radio is a German Internet Radio Station that has placed a heavy focus on supporting the music world and the artists that are striving to be heard in it. They have released a number of compilations where they have had the artists agree to give this music to the masses (which we will present in the Free Music section of Music Eternal). It helps the bands become better known, but it also gives the listeners out there a good chance to hear some of the rising artists. In that sense, it gives them a glimpse in the potential future stars. These compilations also give the fans the chance to give support and attention to the artists when they need it most, when they are trying to become known.

It is the focus on the music and the artists that has made New Alternative Radio one of the rare gems in the Music Industry. It is this level of devotion that also reflects in the music they present to the public in their music. We are happy to be working with this station and hope that they have a lasting impression in Germany and the world.

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New Alternative Radio/Sankt Augustin Presents: NAR-Goth'N'Tronic-Metal'N'Rock Vol. 6

New Alternative Radio: Goth 'N' Tronic Volume 2

Resonation Radio #013