Mistress Nancy's Tantalizing DJ Skills

Mistress Nancy is one of a rare breed when it comes to DJing. She brings the passion for the music that all DJs have, the humility of a fledgling DJ, and the depth of talent that comes from experience and understanding of the music that she spins. This combination has made her a joy to the clubs in Colorado and Utah that she has DJ's at and a pleasure to the patrons that fill the dance floor when she is in the DJ booth.

The myraid of music that she plays is in the genenres of EBM, Electro-Industrial, and Agrotech. These are always complimented with tracks from House and Synthpop in each of her playlists. This expanse of music has made it where she has been able to please a wider variety of music lovers and have the flexability to meet the needs of a wider variety of dance clubs. Mistress Nancy has shown her style has no limits and that has made are an adored fixture at any venue she performs at.

It is her vision of the future and her talents that makes her one of the beacons in the Music Eternal family!


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Mistress Nancy @ Area 51