Memento Materia, Swedish Excellence In A Label

Memento Materia is a Swedish record label that has had an uncanny knack for bringing the world the best in Electronic Music. Their roster has artists like De/Vision, Code 64, Mesh, and Michigan as some of the impressive artists they share with the listeners in all reaches of the world. Their keen ear in music has made then one of the highly respected labels in the world to those that have heard of them.

Some labels will seek a massive roster that can spand tens and sometimes hundreds of bands. Memento Materia has place a greater focus on keeping their roster modest so that they can cater more to the specific needs of the bands and getting their music out to all reaches of the world. This approach has kept them small in the music world, but one that has shown that they will do all they can to make their artists happy. This focus on quality is one of the true strengths in this label. They may not seek to be the biggest, but they seek to always be among the best the world has to offer the musicians.

Patreon June 2020: Livestreaming Part 2

Rat Kill by Fairy Pussy

Auld Lang Syne by Diamante