Losing My Religion Electrifies Its Fans

Toxicanima1 is proof that when a person has a dream and will stay the course that anything is possible. This band is the creation of one masterful mind that sculpted the latest album by Toxicanima1, Losing My Religion. This album shows the exploration that this band is experiencing in the fact that many of the songs touch different genres while keeping a more raw presentation of the emotion conveyed by the band. The first song hints at a heartfelt presentation with the piano as the guide in the instrumental. From there the music hits other genres with sampling that is symbolic to Electro-Industrial, beats that are in EDM, vocals that are found in Agrotech, and a raw aggressive undertone that can only be felt in Industrial Rock and Metal.

If you like aggressive Dance music or if you like Electro-Industrial music then this is truly an album that you will love. Many of the songs on this album touch the styles of existing artists all fused in a solid bolt of synthetic audio energy. This is truly an album worth the purchase for the new directions it presents and the way that Toxicanima1 delivers it to the listeners. Listen to the album below or click here to go to where you can buy it.

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