Ira-K Organisation Shows A Darker Light To Electronic Music

Italy has been churning out some impressive musical artists and Ira-K Organisation is a perfect example of this. Their unique taste in Electronic music has shown that they are one of the artists in Europe that is giving this family a genres some new avenues to explore. It is this style that shows a slightly aggressive flavor that is symbolic to Agrotech, the experimental style that has been flourishing in France and Germany, and a strong rhythm in the music that is the hallmark to both EBM and EDM.

It is their combination in styles that has been gaining Ira-K Organisation a loyal fanbase. This direction that this band is on shows the potential that they have and one more reason by Electronic music will continue to thrive in the many years to come. Their dedication is admirable and one of the reasons we are happy to welcome them as one of the latest members of the Music Eternal family.

Legion by Ira-k Organisation

Doll Factory by Ira-k Organisation

Red by Omnimar