Ill Will Fills A Special Need


Where other DJs strive for clubs, radio, and festivals; Ill Will has been hitting many of the alternate locations to develop an impressive name in Brooklyn, New York. Ill Will has been doing performances at birthday parties, Bar Mitvahs, and corporate events. These have gained him a following that has liked his mixture of Hip Hop and Pop music and has given him motivation to hit other genres as the demands of what his customers have required.

These functions are often overlooked by DJs and many bands. This has been where Ill Will has forged a solid presence in a part of the music world that has had a dire need for a skilled DJ. It is this creative direction that shows his ambition to forge into the unknown and where we are happy to present him as one of the latest members of the Music Eternal family.

TV Of The Lost: Episode 563

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Deadly Desert by Allie Frost