Die Braut Is An Electronic Chilean Experience

Die Braut brings a powerful mix of Agrotech and Electro-Industrial into an EBM feel. This aggressive dance format has made this Chilean band a growing fan base throughout the world. This is no small feat with many of the bands that gain the world attention in Latin America coming mainly from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

The beats in Die Braut are the creative combination of Katia Figueroa and Cristian Soto Vanelli. Both have worked through this band for over seven years and each of their albums shows that they still have a wealth of good music to share with the music world. If you love to dance and like music that will push the imagination to its limits, then Die Braut is the band that should listened to. They are one of the electronic bands with a ton of good music in Latin America that we are very happy to present as the latest member of the Music Eternal family.


The New Man by Die Braut

Resonation Radio #164

Resonation Radio #163