Dawn Of Oblivion Will Never Fade To Obscurity

Dawn Of Oblivion is a Swedish Gothic Rock and Gothic Metal band that has seen a number of lineup changes, but has remained true to the music that they make. Originally it was the creation of singer/guitarist, Victor Fradera, and guitarist, Per Broberg. Victor has remained with the band since the beginning and has been a key reason why Dawn Of Oblivion has stayed in the music world and never perished with time.

After two decades, Dawn Of Oblivion has been evolving their style and image, but never changing it too much. There is a level of consistency in their presentation that remains true to the band and Victor. It is this standard that has kept the band honest in what it is to the original fans and the new fans it gains today. Much of their music has a feel that is a mixture of a more modern approach to an era that was iconic in the 80's and 90's. It is this style that has given Dawn Of Oblivion a feel that centers on Gothic Rock, but also shows glimmers of other genres of music. >
A new lineup has also given life to this band and the music that embraces the style that is symbolic to Dawn Of Oblivion. This has shown a form of evolution without sacrificing what truly matters in the band's music. The deep vocals and the guitar work are stellar in each song and show the magnitude of what this band truly is in each chord that is presented to their fans. After 20 years, this is one band that will never die out in the minds and hearts of its fans.

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